Perris Rowan – Project Engineer/Marketing
Phone: (760) 692-0700 Ext. 134

B.A. Kinesiology
Hope International University
California State University Fullerton

Perris grew up in the household of an electrician, watching his dad run the business from the bottom floor of the house, borrowing (knowingly stealing) copier paper for paper airplanes and taking part in summer jobs in the warehouse. However, more importantly, he grew up in a family that believed in Jesus, which shaped his life in ways that transcend profession, while simultaneously bleeding into it.

Perris graduated from Hope International University with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in Biblical Studies. He was blessed to have captained the men’s soccer team for two years out of his four-year stint.

Prior to joining the family business, Perris’ career trajectory was heading toward management in the fitness world and church ministry. Though, it is his belief that the latter is “lived” no matter where you are, whether in the church or in the marketplace. One thing is for certain: Perris has a heart for people and quality service.

He greatly looks forward to incorporating his skills toward the legacy that has been established at Rowan Electric.